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I got egg on my face! - Principal Rhodes

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

One of the joys of any faith community is to create moments of fun and laughter – happy

memories deposited into our children’s hearts and minds. We want them looking back on their childhood and remember that the best of times was with the family of God and walking in the center of His will. We want them to know that God invented fun and, when we experience our fun as God intended, the consequences are never filled with shame or brokenness; the reward is a beautiful memory that enriches our lives.

That’s part of what Friday morning, April 1st , was all about. Our PTF and OKCS families raised nearly $36,000 for our school. What better way to celebrate than have the two winning fund-raisers from each class, the winning class (Foster’s 4th Grade), and the class with the most participation (Mrs. Cecil’s Kinder), throwing two eggs each into Mr. Rhodes’s face! (1st Place Dominic Ruiz, 2nd Place Madynn Furrh, and 3rd Place Kinley Furrh, had a chance to throw an additional two eggs.)

It was all outrageous hilarity! A messy mayhem of marvelous memory-building!

I must admit, my face was caught off guard by the first throw from kindergartener Ryker

Seymour. He had a pitching arm that surpassed all but one fourth grader! The “shattered fast ball” from his egg knocked me back a bit. That wasn’t supposed to happen. He was one kindergartener who needed to stand at the third-grade distance! (I won’t be surprised to see him on a pitcher’s mound in a few years.)

I taunted Mrs. Foster’s class with, “Whoever hits me in the face gets a big kiss from me!”

(Getting a kiss from a man with one hundred splattered egg yolks on his face is not something on most people’s bucket lists.) Carson Hintz got the kiss. Priceless!

What joy and laughter we had that morning! Another positive memory deposited into the lives of our OKCS students. Another God-moment of smiles… with more to come.

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1 Comment

Brenna Shatswell
Brenna Shatswell
Apr 04, 2022

So fun! Molly was talking about how funny it was! Thanks for making school fun!

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