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Life at OKCS is centered around allowing children to live out what they are learning in school by using the gifts and talents given to them by God in their community.


Whether it is serving in the community, demonstrating athletic, musical, or intellectual ability, our prayer is that the children of OKCS will glorify God in all things by being an effective witness in a lost and dying world in need of Jesus.


Parent involvement is one of the best parts of life at OKCS! We love our parents and how they help develop a sense of community among our students, teachers, and administration.  


Go to our PTF page to find out more about our PTF (Parent, Teacher, Fellowship) and how you can get involved.



At OKCS Preschool, childhood is embraced, children are valued, and learning is a journey. We understand that children are not cookie cutter learners and need an environment where they can succeed by learning through an assortment of ways in which God intended for them.

At our school, children are nurtured and loved by an experienced, educated, and caring staff.

Exploring the Bible, Christian principles, literacy, math, science, and writing are included in our curricular activities along with learning social skills, songs, stories, and free play. After speaking to different educators, we are certain that your child will be prepared for Kindergarten when they finish our program.



At OKCS, our kindergarten students learn from activities in a stimulating learning environment as they begin their lifelong learning journey. We utilize various teaching methods to ensure we are educating the whole child. Small class sizes provide for frequent interaction between the teacher and student and our emphasis on literacy continues throughout the grades.


Our math curriculum focuses on problem solving through the use of age-specific tasks and our Science program is taught through hands-on projects and experiments.

We also utilize an interactive early childhood education literacy program to encourage young readers in the earliest stages of formal instruction.

Grades 1-5


Our elementary school includes grades Kinder through 5th grade and has a reputation for challenging students to reach their potential. Each student has an opportunity to participate in abroad range of core curriculum classes while fostering spirituality in every aspect of learning. Each student benefits from the low student-teacher ratios giving them the chance to excel in their individual areas of interest and talents.

Grades 6-8


The latest research indicates that the most successful high school students have attended a middle school that offers a relevant, challenging, integrative, exploratory curriculum. The middle school years are the critical transition period from students competent in the basics of reading, writing and mathematics to students launched into more serious academic study.

For middle school students, our concentration is on maintaining and raising the standards of those basic tools learned earlier.

We begin to focus our students conceptional understanding on how academic subjects integrate and relate to real life. We work hard to raise the students’ willingness and ability to draw conclusions and make judgments about the information they are learning with a Christian understanding.


Our Middle School subject areas are departmentalized to allow our teachers to teach in their areas of strength and certification. This allows students to delve more deeply into subjects introduced in elementary school and expose them to more information about the world. All of our teachers hold at least a bachelor’s degree in their field of study as well as ACSI certification.

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